Drilling Programme Management

Management of the drilling programme can be tailored to suit the client’s needs and typically involves any or all of the following:

  • Siting of boreholes by GPS within 5 metres of the planned position (collars are surveyed on completion of the drilling). This is more than adequate for most drilling functions, as invariably the terrain will influence the final borehole position. Where a higher degree of accuracy is required the collar positions can be surveyed.
  • Supervision of the drillers on site results in better quality core recovery and allows for on the spot decisions regarding core types and sizes to maximise recoveries (eg NQ vs TNW, etc). Drilling lengths are also optimised as the hole can be stopped in the correct position. Any depth errors can also be corrected as they occur which results in more precise depths and recoveries.
  • Placement of wedges is calculated at the drill site, eliminating standing time and ensuring the optimum deflection length.
  • Logging is done on site eliminating any errors due to handling of the core trays, dropped core, etc. Logging data is captured in a database (which may be exported to all commonly used modelling software) and graphical logs are produced, either using the clients choice of software or our own. Rock and Stock utilises acQuire GIMS but is also familiar with most other logging packages.
  • Prior to moving of the core it is digitally photographed thereby providing a visual record of the core. Before and after photographs of the drilling site are also taken as a record of the environmental impact of the drilling campaign which is a requirement in most territories and is a very useful tool should the client require reporting of environmental impacts.
  • Sampling of core is generally done at the site core yard but can be done on site, should there be no access to electricity. Core is split using either the client’s equipment (should it be on a mine site) or our own core splitters. Sampling is done according to the client’s sampling pattern or alternatively will be done according to industry norms.
  • Site investigations are always carried out before and following any drilling managed by Rock & Stock, to ensure that the site is returned as close as possible to its original condition or better. This also ensures the drilling company has safely and responsibly disposed of any drilling wastes.
  • Ordering and procuring of sampling materials and items such as core trays may be left to Rock & Stock should the client so require.