GIS & Remote Sensing

Your sample database is of utmost importance and value as all your decisions are dependent on this data.  

Your sample database includes drilling (lithology, stratigraphy, structure, geophysics, sampling) and assay information as well as surface sampling and trench data. Rock and Stock can create and manage your database for all your drilling and sampling information whether for exploration or mining. If the time comes when you wish to host the data yourself, or on-sell the project then this database can be simply and easily transferred to you or your client.

A geographic information system (GIS) forms the cornerstone of much of todays exploration and mining work. Services on offer are:

  • The creation of maps for EIA and application requirements,
  • The combination of any GIS data to be used for maps for exploration or mining purposes,
  • The creation of maps from GPS points,
  • Referencing images for use in digital format on maps,
  • Creating and digitising new objects from data,
  • Gridding of surface data and contour creation,
  • Creation of 3D surfaces and draping of images and,
  • Remote sensing image manipulation and integration (Landsat, Aster, etc.).